Lumia 1020 Exclusive Apps: It’s Not All Megapixels

Nokia Lumia 1020 7

While the Nokia Lumia 1020 is grabbing headlines for its innovative 41 megapixel camera, the applications and software enhancements onboard the device may actually leave the longer lasting impression on potential Windows Phone 8 users. Announced at the same time as the Lumia 1020 itself, Nokia has also partnered with popular application developers to enhance […]

5 Reasons Why the Lumia 1020 Tops Point and Shoot Cameras


Since the rebirth of the smartphone (with Apple’s original iPhone), mobile devices have been taking over the functions and marketshare of the independent devices of the past. In short order, they’ve usurped the watch, made dedicated media players a thing of the past and are even are even likely to begin killing off the third-party […]

Nokia Lumia PureView Concept Looks Bizarre


Nokia has already confirmed that it is working on a Lumia Windows Phone with PureView camera technology and a photo today proclaims to show one of the company’s prototypes. A Chinese site called it168, by way of The Verge, has posted what it says is a Windows Phone 8 Nokia Lumia PureView smartphone that is […]