T-Mobile USA Is Now Open to Merge to Another Company


Following the failed sail of T-Mobile USA to AT&T last year, T-Mobile’s parent Deutsche Telekom AG revealed that the company is now open to a merger of its U.S. operations to another company rather than a complete sale. As T-Mobile is the fourth largest national carrier in the U.S., any sale of the company would […]

Google Ready to Close Meebo Deal


It looks like after Google Plus, Google is looking to further entrench itself in the social media space with a rumored acquisition of Meebo. Meebo, a site that originated as a browser-based chat services that integrates services such as AOL’s AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, and MSN, has emerged to include social sharing and interest-driven […]

AT&T to Allow T-Mobile Customers to Retain Current Rate Plan After Contract Expires


In a move to ease regulatory approval and hopefully win over the opposition–which includes the Department of Justice, seven state attorney generals, rivals such as Sprint and Cellular South, and others–a leaked T-Mobile document answers what happens to current customers’ rate plans once the acquisition happens. According to that document, AT&T will allow current T-Mobile […]