New iPad Doesn’t Work With All Smart Covers

Smart Cover Not Working With New iPad

According to Apple, the Smart Cover you bought with your iPad 2, will work with the new iPad, but for some users that’s not the case The Smart Cover uses magnets that turn your iPad on and off when you open or close it. The magnets also keep the Smart Cover closed and attached to your iPad. […]

10 iPad 2 Covers With Magnets: Smart Cover Alternatives

Marware Microshell iPad 2 Case

The iPad 2 Smart Cover allows you to turn the iPad 2 on ad off by opening and closing the Smart Cover, much like the light in your fridge. This magnetic marvel is a handy feature and now that third-party case manufacturers have had a chance to go hands on, we are seeing a number of iPad […]

Magnets make iPad more attractive


If you’ve got an iPad 2 with a smart cover, a fun trick you might want to try is sticking it to your refrigerator. 9to5 Mac reports it worked well with one of theirs, which was later confirmed by Gizmodo. Our own Josh Smith found it less than secure, however, so maybe try it near […]