Another Reason Why iPhone Owners Should Avoid Cheap Chargers: Hardware Hacking


Aside from catching fire and melting, cheap Lightning charging accessories for the iPhone 5, iPad with Retina Display, iPod Touch, and iPad mini may cause even more harm. Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology will be showing a new proof-of-concept Lightning charger at the Black Hat security conference next month that could be used to […]

Android Accounts for 79 Percent of Malware in 2012


With the growing popularity of Google’s more opened Android mobile operating system, the unintended consequence is that the platform becomes more attractive to hack and is susceptible to more malicious code, or malware. According to the latest report published by F-Secure, Android was so popular that it accounted for 79 percent of mobile malware in […]

Microsoft Lures Android Users with Free Phone Offer to Windows Phone


In Microsoft’s latest publicity campaign for Windows Phone, the software giant is offering a free smartphone to Android owners who have been affected by malware on Google’s platform. The latest promotion follows recent reports that Google recently removed 22 titles from Android Market that contained malicious code. In a twitter post, Microsoft asks Android users […]