Intel Edison Is How Your Baby Stays Wired

intel edison

With the Intel Edison, a new bite-sized computer, even smaller devices could connect to the internet and usher in a new wave of seamless web-based products. Announced at the Consumer Electronics Show, Intel Edison isn’t just some processor that’s about the size of an SD card. Instead, Intel Edison is a completely encapsulated dual-core processor […]

Sprint iPhone 5 Memo Signals Truth in iPhone Rumors

Sprint iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is expected to arrive in October, and one of the latest rumors is that Sprint will finally be getting the iPhone. Up until this weekend, Sprint had remained mum on this rumor, but in a memo sent to employees, Sprint may have confirmed the iPhone 5’s arrival with a classic denial. In a memo sent to […]

Besides The MeMO Asus Brings Other Tablets to the Table


Asus might be waiting a bit (like everyone else) for the next Tablet friendly version of Android, but at least the company known for being the Netbook disrupter is sliding into CES 2011 with what it hopes will be some transformative Tablets, as well as a new alphabet designation for its Windows Tablet. I already […]