Android Smartphone Users Consume Less Than 1 GB of Mobile Data


With 4G LTE speeds enabling smartphone users to do more on their devices and American wireless carriers capping the use of those devices with tiered and metered data plans, many U.S. smartphone users are concerned about their mobile data usage when connected to a 3G or 4G network. It turns out that for many users, […]

Verizon Maintains Unlimited Prepaid Smartphone Data for $30 Per Month


If you’re a heavy data user and not quite the gabber when it comes to your smartphone, the good news is that a pre-paid plan may be worth the consideration as the carrier is still keeping its unlimited data plans for prepaid subscribers at $30 per month. Unfortunately, post-paid customers who subscribe on or after […]

After Unlimited Data Era, Will AT&T’s Shared Data Plans Be Fair?


At the All Things D conference, AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega announced that the company will eventually move to a shared data plan, otherwise known as a family data plan. Last June, right before the iPhone 4 launched, the carrier had terminated unlimited smartphone data plans. While it still grandfathered in existing customers to […]