8 Awesome AirPlay iPad Games to Play on Apple TV

nova 3

The Xbox One and Playstation 4 arrived to great fanfare, but one of the best “console” gaming platforms for enjoying games on a TV could come from Apple thanks to AirPlay, Apple TV and an iPad. Many of the games below also work with iPhone or iPod Touch. We found some fun AirPlay iPad games┬áto […]

Gameloft Bringing Modern Combat 4 and Other Games To Windows Phone 8

Modern Combat 4

Gameloft will bring a dozen of its most popular games to Windows Phone 8 complete with Xbox Achievements and leaderboards sometime in the near future. The biggest game in the lineup of new games for Windows Phone is the upcoming Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. Modern Combat is one of Gameloft’s best selling franchises with […]

Gameloft Launches Website for Modern Combat 4

Modern Combat 4

Gameloft’s popular Modern Combat series will reach its fourth iteration this year, and Gameloft recently launched a website to provide gamers with news on the new game coming to the iPhone, iPad and Android later this year. The website currently hosts a few images from Modern Combat 4 as well as an extended reveal trailer. […]