Why Samsung Doesn’t Need a Press Conference at MWC

Galaxy S II

Samsung won’t host a press conference at the Mobile World Congress this year according to an email sent to PC World. That doesn’t mean that Samsung won’t be announcing new devices, it just won’t be doing so on the main stage. Yeah, that probably means that there won’t be anything earth shattering announced, maybe a […]

Nokia Launching New High-End Smartphone at MWC 2012?

Nokia 900

There have been whispers about another Nokia smartphone making an appearance at this year’s Mobile World Congress which is set to kick off in Barcelona on February 27th.  And it appears that there might just be some truth to those rumors as Forbes is reporting that Nokia will launch at least one high-end smartphone at […]

What to Expect from Mobile World Congress 2012

Mobile World Congress

With CES 2012 over and done with, we now have our sights set on the next big trade show, Mobile World Congress 2012, which is scheduled to kick off on in Barcelona on February 27th and last through March 1st. While CES touches on everything tech, the MWC is dedicated to everything mobile. And you […]