Google Maps Adds Real-time Transit Data For New York City

Google Maps real-time transit

Today Google announced that its Google Maps app for Android and iOS will now display realtime transit information for users in New York City, Salt Lake City and Washington, D.C. Today Google Maps users can view arrival and departure times for a total of seven subway lines in the city. Those lines include the 1, […]

Cell Service Comes To NYC Subways… Sort Of

Sleepy Dog in New York Subway By Annie Mole on Flickr

Yesterday the New York Times delivered a bit of good news for once: cell service is finally coming to NYC’s subways. Well, one subway line. Well, just four stations. But it’s a start, right? This has been years in the making, and as a daily subway rider I’ve rolled my eyes more than once at […]

New York Subway iPhone ‘Augmented Reality’ App


I finally got a chance to try out an augmented reality application today in New York. The app is called New York Subway and as you can imagine, it’s designed to help users find info about trains and train stations.  The cool part of this application is that it will overlay info onto whatever you’re […]