Samsung Pits Tizen-Powered NX300M Smart Camera Against Galaxy NX Android


Though we’re still waiting for Android powerhouse Samsung to launch its first smartphone(s) running the Tizen operating system that the South Korean electronics-maker has already launched a smart camera on the market with Tizen on-board. Dubbed the NX300M, the camera is a variant of the existing NX300 available worldwide, though the M model is currently […]

Sample Images From Samsung’s New 10mm Fisheye Lens for NX Cameras

Image captured with the 10mm fish eye lens attached to a Samsung NX300 camera body.

Samsung had debuted a new 10mm fisheye lens for the company’s lineup of mirrorless smart cameras with interchangeable lenses. For use with the NX camera, the 10mm lens offers a field of view of 180 degress and is very small, compact, and lightweight. The lens itself is constructed out of plastic, but the mount–where the […]