President Obama an iPad 2 User


President Barack Obama, one of the most technologically-forward presidents in modern history, was recently photographed with the iPad 2 tablet and Apple Smart Cover. It’d be interesting to see and know what app(s) the president uses on his tablet, and more importantly how the U.S. government handles security with the tablet. Obama has never been […]

Spike Lee Shoots President Obama with an iPad

Spike Lee photographs President Barak Obama with iPad 2

Let’s say you are a world-class film maker and you are about to meet the leader of the free world. You might want to catch the moment on video for your own personal memories and even to share with fans of your work. At the very least you will want to get a high quality […]

Multi-Touch and the Election: Who Is Winning?

MSNBC Microsoft Surface

From a technology persepctive, this election might be known as the birth of multi-touch. CNN has been using a multi-touch wall, while has utilized a multi-touch  Microsoft Surface  table with an overhead to display what is being moved around. Two different approaches to accomplish the same thing: engage the audience with dynmically changing content […]

Vote 2008: The Candidates View of Technology and Internet


While we try not to be too political here at GBM, there are two issues important to us and our readers: technology & the Internet.   We’ve taken a look at McCain, Obama, and Nader’s views of these issues and the role they will play in their presidency.   Although you may be sick of […]