LG Optimus Vu II Phablet Offers Modest Improvements Over Original


As Samsung is readying the launch of its second-generation Galaxy Note II phablet, which boasts more broad changes and upgrades–at least from the perspective of the U.S. Note on AT&T and T-Mobile USA, rival South Korean smartphone-maker LG is also preparing the launch of a second-generation Optimus Vu dubbed the Optimus Vu II. However, according […]

LG Announces Optimus Vu II With IR And Universal Remote Control App


Ahead of the rumored launch of Verizon’s Optimus Vu variant known as the LG Intuition 4G on the U.S. carrier’s 4G LTE network, manufacturer LG has just announced the Optimus Vu II for the South Korean market. At this time, though the phone has been announced, it’s still unclear what the specs for the hardware […]