How to Set Parental Controls in iOS 7


*+-So you just bought your son or daughter a fancy new iPad Air or iPad mini with Retina display, but you don’t really want them to be exposed to the crazy world that is the internet, or you might just be afraid they’ll spend all your money on in-app purchases. Thankfully, Apple has included a […]

Kindle Fire and Young Children: Not A Good Match?


*+-The Amazon Kindle Fire should not be left in the control of your kids… unless you want them running up your credit card bill and don’t mind them viewing soft-core pornography. Ryan Kim of Gigaom made this point in a post about parental controls and the Kindle Fire. Imagine this: you pull out your Kindle […]

Wireless Association Hopes to Standardize Ratings for Mobile Games, Apps


*+-The Wireless Association, also known as CTIA, and the Entertainment Software Rating Board are partnering together to create a standardized and unified rating system for games and apps on mobile devices. With Apple’s introduction of third-party apps through an easy-to-use centralized App Store for the iPhone, adoption of mobile software has taken off on the […]