How to Get Logitech Peripherals to Play Nice with OS X Mavericks

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OS X Mavericks was just released, and tons of Mac users are flocking to the Mac App Store to download the latest version of OS X, especially since it’s free now. However, as with any new piece of software, it’s not compatible with everything. For example, Logitech’s software for its peripherals don’t yet have full […]

Leap Motion Brings ‘Minority Report’ Computing to Life

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Leap Motion is readying a sensor that┬átranslates┬ámid-air gestures into precise computer actions. The Leap is a small device about the same size as a smartphone that creates a 3D interaction space in front of any computer’s display. The Leap is a lot different than the Microsoft’s Kinect system, which is designed to track gamers’ movements […]