In Apple’s iCloud, Why an iPhone 5 Without NFC Makes Sense


When Apple announced the iPhone 5, many were disappointed about the lack of inclusion of NFC hardware that would enable more wireless, near-range communications with neighboring devices. However, given the use of Photostream in the Photos app and Apple’s Passbook app, it makes sense for Apple to not include the emerging near field communications technology […]

SugarSync 3.0 for iPad Arrives with Gestures, New Interface

Sugarsync New INterface

SugarSync announced an update to the company’s iPad app, jumping up to SugarSync 3.0 and bringing a collection of new features to justify the big bump. Of course the new SugarSync app (iTunes) is optimized for the iPad display, thanks to an all out to re-write of the new app from scratch with features that take advantage of […]

Possible iPhone 5 Icon Shows Up in PhotoStream

iphone 5 icon photostream

We still don’t know what the iPhone 5 will look like, even though we have plenty of mock ups. But a new iPhone icon just popped up in a PhotoStream beta that is available to developers. The icon is small and really could just be an artist’s rendering of what they think an iPhone looks […]