Inside a NFL Photographer’s Gear Bag

One example of the work Weber is able to do with his mobile gear and talent.

Capturing beautiful photos of the NFL Playoff games takes a lot of talent, a good amount of mobile tech that needs to work the first time every time since a NFL photographer can’t ask Colin Kaepernick to lob a game winning throw a second time. We had a chance to talk to a NFL photographer who […]

How To Watch the NFL Playoffs on the iPhone, iPad and Android

nfl mobile

NFL fans know the playoffs begin Saturday, January 5. Many of us can’t sit in front of a TV to watch all the games. Those who can will likely use a smartphone or tablet to supplement their TV viewing with some good second screen apps. To watch the NFL playoffs on a mobile device will […]

How To Watch Baseball Playoffs At Work and On Your iPhone, iPad & Android

Watch Postseason 2011 on your Smartphone

With the 2011 Postseason underway, there’s no doubt you are looking for a way to watch the Detroit Tigers run up the score on the New York Yankees from work or on your iPhone or Android. Whether you are rooting for the Tampa Bay Rays, Texas Rangers, St. Louis Cardinals, Philadelphia Phillies Arizona Diamondbacks or the Milwaukee Brewers you […]