New Pogo Stylus: Sometimes Dumb is Better Than Smart


When it comes to the realm of the iPad Stylus these days everyone is excited about “smart” styli. These smart versions use Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (LE) to communicate with the iPad and Apps to provide a supposedly better and more controlled experience. Typically this new technology focuses on providing better wrist protection or palm […]

Ten One Updates the Pogo Stylus


Ten One Design, the maker of the original Pogo Sketch stylus (and other nifty styli and accessories) has revamped, remodeled, and repackaged the original Pogo. Under the slogan, “A Classic is Reborn” Ten One Design is hoping that a new look and a few new wrinkles will get customers interested. The price for the new […]

Ten One Design Releases Pogo Stylus iPhone Case


Ten One Design’s new Tango case is the first designed to carry both an iPhone 3GS and a Pogo Stylus. The case is leather and is lined with microsuede. Available with either Aqua or Lime microsueded and accents, the Tago case is $39.95 and comes loaded with a Pogo Stylus, which normally retails for $15. […]

CES 2009: The HP tx2 and the Pogo Stylus


While checking out things at The Digital Experience tonight Rob got a bright idea. He’s evaluating a Pogo Stylus which is aimed at us for the iPhone or iPod Touch. While looking at HP’s Tx2 capacitive touch device, Rob thought he’d give the Pogo a try on the screen. To his amazement (and also to […]