CES 2014: The Year of Wearables Already Wearing Thin


CES 2014 is over. The GBM Team that was on the ground looked pretty exhausted in a photo that was posted on Convo, our internal communication service. I’m sure all of those who went to Las Vegas to cover the big show were equally wrung out. Having been there before I can tell you it […]

The Wearable Solutions We Really Need in the Age of Context


All across the country mobile news hounds and bloggers are checking flight schedules and heading to airports to get ready for CES 2014. Many are hoping Las Vegas is a little warmer than the cold temperatures they are dealing with back home as they are packing and preparing to pass through security checkpoints. But the […]

Wearables: What is the Case for This Next Big Thing?


Happy New Year. 2014 is here and as it begins we also are supposed to begin this new year with a new trend called wearable computing. That runs side by side with the Age of Context and the Internet of Things. All fed by a growing use of sensors to record data and deliver context, […]