How to Send A Text in Hangouts


Last year a lot of changes occurred and new featured were added to Google Hangouts. Google’s own chat service similar to WhatsApp and many others. Google Voice was integrated so you can make phone calls, and they even added the option to use Google Hangouts as your default text message app on Android smartphones. Unless […]

How to Send & Receive SMS Text Messages in OS X Yosemite

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 4.20.56 PM copy

OS X Yosemite comes with a really cool new feature that lets you send and receive SMS text message on your Mac.¬†Here’s how to set it up. Previously, you were only able to send and receive iMessages on your Mac, while SMS text messages had to be handled on your iPhone. However, you can now […]

Verizon’s New Plan Brings Free International Texting


After T-Mobile’s launch of free global data roaming for international travelers, Verizon Wireless is responding to the UN-carrier initiative with its own domestic spin on things. Through a newly announced limited time promotion, Verizon Wireless is offering its new World Messaging Unlimited add-on that would make allow its U.S. subscribers to have discounted long distance […]

Motorola Assist Update Delivers Hands-Free Texting

Motorola has an array of apps on the Google Play Store the company has been updating on the fly, enabling them to improve its smartphone lineup without issuing software updates through carriers. One of the many is Motorola Assist, which just got a neat new feature. This week Motorola Assist received an update through the […]

How To: 5 Pro Tips for Using iMessage on iOS 7


One of the most frequently used app on the iPhone and iPad is the Messages app, which delivers SMS text messages, MMS picture messages, and iMessages on the iPhone and iMessage chats on the iPad. With iOS 7, Apple had added a few new gestures, in addition to existing gestures, that bring added features to […]

Carriers to Stop Charging for Premium Text Messaging


Call them premium SMS content. Call them Spam. Whatever you call them, they are annoying and can cost you money. Today though brings a change that will alleviate customers from being charged for this sort of Spam or Premium SMS content. Led by Vermont Attorney General, William Sorrell, 44 states attorneys general pushed an anti-spam […]

How to Disable SMS Text in Google Hangouts

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 10.36.37 AM

Just like many leaks and rumors suggested Google announced that the popular Hangouts instant messaging application and service will now support SMS and MMS messages. Essentially replacing the stock SMS app on our Android smartphones. It first arrived with Android 4.4 KitKat on the Nexus 5, and this week they started rolling out the new […]

How to Stop iMessage Spam on Your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Mac

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Spam is a sad reality of the digital marketing age, and it can crop up anywhere, even in Apple’s popular iMessage service. And while SMS spam, or junk text messages, is annoying enough, the problem with spam sent on Apple’s messaging service is that it doesn’t even require a telephone number as iMessage is available […]

Google+ Hangouts for Android Will Soon Include SMS Integration

Google+ Hangouts

The new Google+ Hangouts for Android will soon add SMS integration so users can store all of their conversations in one app. As Droid-Life noticed, Dori Storbeck, community manager for Google+ Hangouts, confirmed that SMS integration will come to the app soon in a comment on a Google+ post. Storbeck said that SMS integration is […]

American Law Enforcement Wants Carriers to Save Your Incriminating Text Messages


Various law enforcement offices in the U.S. are proposing legislation that would require American carriers–such as AT&T Mobility, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile USA, and Verizon Wireless–to store and archive private text messages that are sent and received. The legislation proposed may get bundled together with a proposed update to the 1986 Electronics Communications Privacy Act, a […]

The iMessage Benefit: Up to $400 Million in SMS Cost Savings Daily


In its earnings call, Apple had announced that its popular iMessage messaging service has been quite the success, transferring over 2 billion messages daily to over 500 million iOS devices. iMessage can be sent between iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac devices. The service, which replaces traditional text (SMS) and multimedia messages (MMS) for many […]

Consumers Texting Less Thanks to Messaging Apps Like iMessage


In the U.S., consumers are beginning to send less text messages, or SMS, thanks to new apps such as iMessage, BlackBerry Messages (BBM), and WhatsApp. According to research date collected by Chetan Sharma Consulting, the number of texts sent and received on networks operated in the U.S. have declined for the first time in the […]

MetaWatch Shows Off Widgets and iOS 6 SMS Support

MetaWatch Strata iOS 6 SMS

After a successful Kickstarter campaign the MetaWatch Strata is almost ready to ship, but first MetaWatch wants to give us a look at how the watch works with iOS 6. The first of the two videos shows the MetaWatch app for iOS and how it controls the watch. Users can use the app to set […]

SMS Spoofing Flaw Now Fixed in iOS 6


In a flaw with how Apple’s mobile iOS platform handles SMS messages discovered last month, it appears that Apple has listened to the criticism of hackers and have patched the flaw with the release of iOS 6 on Wednesday. The new mobile OS will be preloaded onto the iPhone 5 when the new flagship smartphone […]

Apple Urges iPhone Owners to Use iMessage in Response to SMS Security Flaw


Late last week, a newly discovered security flaw on iOS–which extends to the most recent iOS 6 beta 4 operating system currently being seeded to iPhone developers at this time–shows that a glitch in the way Apple’s mobile operating system could lead users to click on malicious links sent through text messaging. Hacker¬†pod2g demonstrated that […]

MightyText Hopes To Be iMessage for Android


MightyText wants to make sending SMS messages easier for Android users by letting them send those messages through other devices. According to TechCrunch, MightyText opened in Beta last August as a Chrome extension but is launching today with more extensions and a new version of the Android app. The idea of MightyText is simple: it […]

Verizon to Allow Customers to SMS Their SOS Messages for Help in 2013


Rather than place your distress calls to a dispatch operator, Verizon Wireless is looking to be the first carrier in the U.S. to allow its customers to instead text their SOS messages to a 911 operator. The move will not only be beneficial to those with disabilities–such as the deaf–but also will be invaluable in […]

Teens Admit Texting While Driving is ‘Impossible’ (Video)

Texting while driving PSA

Texting and driving is a major problem for teens and adults. The temptation to fire off a fast text or check an incoming message while behind the wheel is too much for many to ignore. We’ve seen gruesome anti-texting while driving ad campaigns and somber anti-texting ads before, but a new campaign from a Belgian […]

AT&T’s Cloud Messages Takes On Google Voice


Long gone are the days when your voicemails and text messages are tied to not just your mobile number, but to your mobile phone. Thanks to the advent of visual voicemail, popularized by Apple’s iPhone, and to Internet-based and VoIP services like Google Voice, your messages are now accessible whenever, wherever. AT&T is even taking […]

What Happens to Text Message Use After an Earthquake [Graph]

Text Message Traffic NY and DC Earthquake

On Tuesday, a major earthquake shook the East Coast, causing structural damage in some areas and bringing cell phone networks to their knees in others. We shared our tips for communicating after an emergency. One of our tips was to use text messages to communicate because they place less strain on the network than voice […]