Sprint Finally Announces 3G/4G MiFi Pricing and Dates


If you’ve been waiting to hear when Sprint would announce its 3G/4G MiFi card you can stop waiting. Sprint made the announcement recently. The new card from Novatel, now called the Sprint MiFi 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot by Novatel Wireless, will cost $79.99 with a two year contract or eligible upgrade. Data plans start at $49.99 […]

On the Road 2011: The Great Chicago Pligrimage Begins


Yep, it is that time of the year when I begin a three month period of traveling. Visiting family and friends, auditions, and some other work finds my wife and I packing up the Honda Fit and hitting the road. We prefer to drive on these trips because we’re a bit more in control of […]

On The Road 2010: Heading Home


Today as you read this, my lovely wife Thomasin and I are on the road after our annual pilgrimage to Chicago to visit family and friends. It’s the only extended vacation we get and we choose to spend it with family and friends back in her home town and where I worked for 20 years […]

Using Sprint MiFi 2200 to Get Around Pricey Hotel WiFi


I’m camped out at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose for a few days and while attending the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference. While there’s plenty of free WiFi access points on the showroom floor, WiFi access in the guest rooms costs $14.95 per day. Instead of paying mini-bar prices for WiFi I’m relying on my […]