Make Calls From Your iPad With Talkatone


The iPad, even the new 4G version, can’t make phone calls when you take it out of the box. But, with a free app and a Google Voice account you can turn your iPad into a phone and leave your iPhone at home. Talkatone is a free app for the iPhone and iPad that allows […]

Talkatone: Great iPhone App Offers Free Calling


Phoning home can be an expensive proposition when traveling overseas. Fortunately there are ways to work around this problem. Talkatone is an iPhone app that makes it possible to place and receive free calls over WiFi from anywhere using a Google Voice account. I’m currently in Berlin and am trying my best to avoid paying […]

The Best VoIP Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad

ipod touch voip

As our smartphones continue to become more “smart” and less “phone,” we all still need to make calls sometimes. However, the carriers’ rates for voice minutes can be a little overwhelming (especially when added to data and texting plans). With today’s data speeds, VoIP is a legit option for many people who want to avoid […]