5 Smartphone Trends to Follow for 2014


With each passing year, smartphones get more powerful and faster, and 2014 will be no different. Based on some of the rumors of exciting flagship models that will ship in 2014, we’re beginning to see a few trends that are emerging for the new year. If you’ve been eyeing a high-end phone–like an HTC One, […]

Travel Tech and In Flight WiFi Usage Trends [Infographic]

Travel Tech and In flight WiFi Infographic

When you have to grab your gear and hit the road, what do you take? When you fly are you using the in-flight WiFi service? I’m not your average traveler, normally carrying two notebooks, at least one tablet and a smartphone when I fly, but based on this infographic from GoGo, the in flight WiFi […]

Mobile Workforce Trends: Productivity Knows No Bounds [Infographic]

Mobile workforce infographic - Gist

We are truly a mobile workforce. While many employees still need to go in to the office to meet the demands of their employer, three out of five employees claim they can do their job without going into the office. That’s just the start, Gist, analyzed data about our mobile work habits to pull together […]

Your Personalized Future; It’s Closer Than You Think


Take a minute and think about the last website or service you used which isn’t trying to deliver a personalized service. Still thinking? It’s hard to find a popular service that isn’t trying to add personalization. Mark Johnson, CEO of Zite, compares the, “explosion of personalization,” to the huge boom in search which took place not […]

2009 Predictions: Matthew’s Take


Behold my predictions for the great, forthcoming year of 2009.   The following thoughts are what I’d like to see happen with a dash of what I believe will happen.   Gaze with me into the crystal ball: Mobile Computing The term “netbook” becomes a household name because many homes have adopted one or two […]