Apple Shows Off iOS 6 Maps with Turn by Turn and 3D


At their Apple iPhone 5 event today, Scott Forstall showed off the new iOS 6 Maps app built into the new operating system that ships on the iPhone 5. It comes with some nice new features that bring iPhone maps up to speed with Android’s map and navigation apps. Apple announced most of the Maps […]

GPS by TeleNav Review: Turn by Turn Navigation for the iPhone

Sample map from GPS by Telenav for iPhone

The iPhone does many things great right out of the box, but turn by turn navigation is not one of those things. Fortunately, there are a number of iPhone apps that add turn by turn navigation to your iPhone. After seeing my concerns of switching from Android to iPhone, TeleNav¬†asked me to try out their […]

Google Contemplating Offline, Locally Stored Maps for Android?


Google may be considering taking its turn-by-turn Google Maps with Navigation offline soon to give non-connected devices the ability to navigate sans a continuous mobile broadband connection. This would benefit the Android platform greatly in a number of ways, and could potentially allow customers a way to save on data consumption in an age where […]

Google Maps Navigates Android Users Around Traffic


Google Maps with Navigation, currently a beta product, provides turn-by-turn voice guided instructions to Android smartphone users and now the service will help calculate routes by taking into consideration traffic data. The new feature doesn’t require any setting changes or any action from the user, according to the Google Maps blog. All users would need […]