MeeGo-Powered Nokia N9 to Launch with Intel Atom CPU at MWC


Unconfirmed reports are circulating that Nokia may be releasing its first MeeGo-powered handset in the form of the Nokia N9 at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona come this February. The MeeGo operating system has been jointly developed my Nokia as it had scrapped its Maemo OS along with Intel when the latter decided […]

Google Co-Founder Larry Page to Take Reigns as CEO


With news that Google had announced profits that beat expectations, the company is also announcing that current CEO Eric Schmidt will be stepping down from his role and that co-founder Larry Page will become the new CEO. Schmidt will stay on as executive chairman and he will work with Google on deals and government outreach […]

Who Needs a White iPhone When You Can Get a Transparent, Clear One?


A hardware mod with front and rear face plates convert an iPhone 4–currently only offered in black–to a clear, transparent one where you can see through the case and glimpse the internal working components of your Apple smartphone. Unfortunately, not much of the chips or circuitry can be seen though as the iPhone’s innards wasn’t […]

Tablet Thinking


As the story goes we’re about to see all sorts of Tablets at various points this year beginning this spring. Am I excited about that? Yes, but probably not as much as some. Oh, the geek and gadget blogger in me is very excited to see what is new, what works, what differentiates one from […]

Sidekick 4G and Galaxy S 4G Confirmed by T-Mobile USA CEO


At a press event, PC Mag is reporting that the nation’s fourth largest carrier has confirmed that it plans to release a Sidekick 4G and Galaxy S 4G (also dubbed the Vibrant 4G) “coming soon.” Slides of the devices were shown in a presentation by CEO Philipp Humm. The revival of the Sidekick brand will […]

Android 2.2 Froyo Software Update Coming to T-Mobile Vibrant Tomorrow


According to T-Mobile USA’s Chief Marketing Officer, the Android 2.2 Froyo update for the carrier’s Galaxy S variant dubbed the Vibrant will be officially unleashed starting tomorrow. The roll-out will occur in batches, so if you’re a Vibrant owner and don’t see the firmware update immediately, don’t fret. According to the carrier, the update was […]

US+U Swivel Pro iPad Case Does Tricks


A lot of iPad cases have a gimmick. The US+U Swivel Pro is an iPad case looks like it has just about all of them wrapped into one. It has a rotating handle, kickstand, sylus holder and ┬ánote pocket. It looks bulkier than most iPad cases, but it might be for you if you can’t […]

Next iPad to Use Proximity Sensor to Auto-Unlock Screen


The new iOS 4.3 beta that was released to developers this week reveals hints that Apple may employ a proximity sensor in the next iPad to automate the process of locking and unlocking the tablet display. In the past, Apple has used–and popularized–proximity sensors on the iPhone to automatically turn off the device’s display while […]

T-Mobile to Revive Sidekick Brand with Android


Now that T-Mobile has retired the Sidekick devices, which was powered by Danger’s proprietary OS (Danger has since been acquired by Microsoft), rumors are once again circulating that the U.S.-based carrier may revive the Sidekick moniker and may release a device by the name of the Sidekick 4G. Rumors about a Sidekick revival had been […]

Prop Shopping with Mobile Tech


Cameras have been a big part of shopping for props for plays and film for a long time. You shop, you snap photos, you bring them back to the folks who make the decision and you make a go/no go decision based on the production’s needs. I’ve spent the better part of the day today […]

T-Mobile Will Use LTE for 4G in 2013 for Data, HSPA for Voice


At the press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the nation’s fourth largest carrier announced that it is firmly committed to expanding and evolving its HSPA+ network for 4G for the next several years. However, according to TmoNews, like rival carrier AT&T, T-Mobile would be switching its 4G network to an LTE-based […]

IBM Signs Deal with ARM to Develop 14 nm Chips


IBM have inked a deal with ARM to help the latter bring its chipset down down to 14 nm, which would help in increasing power while reducing power consumption. A 14 nm manufacturing process would be significantly down from the 40 nm and 32 nm sizes that are used in today’s ARM chips. The Inquirer […]

New iOS 4.3 iPad Gestures Will Not Make Final Consumer Release


Developers had discovered new multitouch gestures on the iOS 4.3 Developer Preview of Apple’s mobile operating system targeted for the iPad, however, the company is saying that those features are for testing at this time and will not make it to the consumer release of iOS 4.3. Those new multi-touch gestures provides the same functions […]

Will the G-Slate be 3D Enabled and Capable?


An LG France spokesperson claims that the G-Slate, which would be coming to T-Mobile USA, would not only have a 3D glasses-free display, but could also record and encode 3D video as well according to Unwired View. Though not a lot of information is known about the Tegra 2-powered 8.9-inch tablet that’s made by LG, […]

DigiTimes: HTC Launching Tablet in March


According to DigTimes, HTC is launching an Android 2.3 Tablet in March, called The Flyer. This is the first of three Tablets HTC is supposedly working on for release in the first half of 2011. The other two are loosely expected in June. The Flyer, according to the reports looks like a larger version of […]

Next iPhone to Come with Social Features to Battle Facebook


Hints that Apple may be expanding its efforts in the social networking arena are found deeply embedded within iOS 4.3 beta. A new “Media Stream” folder was discovered in the new iOS 4.3 file system with information about “Photo Streaming.” Based on the information, 9to5 Mac is reporting that Apple will allow iPhone users to […]

Nokia Cancels X7 Launch for U.S. Carrier AT&T

Silver Nokia E7 Next to the black X7

While the Nokia X7 multimedia-centric Symbian-based handset was rumored to come to U.S. carrier AT&T, the Finnish handset-maker had voluntarily cancelled the launch according to the Wall Street Journal. The handset would have have been announced with AT&T prior to the commencement of Mobile World Congress, but Nokia had decided to cancel the phone’s launch […]

Google Voice Now Allows You to Port Your Number


I’ve been a big fan of Google Voice and an avid use of the call forwarding service that provides me with one number to keep for life. However, the downside is that if I already have a cell number that has stuck with family and friends for years, my newer Google Voice number would be […]

Samsung Acquires Liquavista to Compete in Display Technology


After news that Apple may have invested $3.9 billion over the next two years in a strategic supply component(s) that may be related to the company’s high resolution displays, Samsung has confirmed that it has acquired Dutch-based Liquavista, which would further the company’s role in producing various types of screen displays. The financial terms of […]