189 PS4 & Xbox One Fallout 4 Mods You Should Try Right Now

Fallout 4 mods are available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and there are nearly two hundred mods we think you should try out on Xbox One and PS4 right now.

Bethesda confirmed Fallout 4 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC during its June 2015 launch event in Los Angeles.

In addition to the game, the company confirmed plans to release content beyond the 400+ hours in the vanilla version of Fallout 4.

Bethesda’s kept that promise with six Fallout 4 DLC add-ons and the release of Fallout 4 mods for PC and Xbox One.

In late 2016, after a long wait, Fallout 4 PlayStation 4 mods finally arrived and there are now hundreds to choose from.

If you want to use PS4 Fallout 4 mods, you need to download Bethesda’s 1.8 update. (If you haven’t updated in awhile, mod support is baked into Bethesda’s 1.9 update.) Once you get the new update on board your console, you’ll have access to a growing catalog of mods.

It’s worth noting that PS4 Fallout 4 mods are also more limited than Xbox One mods because PS4 mod developers can’t use external assets.

Once you get the latest Fallout 4 updates installed, you can head to the Mods section in the main menu and peruse through a large catalog of official modifications that can change your game in a number of different ways.

From new weapons to small tweaks, the Fallout 4 mod marketplace is full of options for your console of choice.

We want to help narrow things down for you as we highlight more than 100 Fallout 4 mods we think Xbox One owners, and PS4 owners, need to try right now. These are our favorites.

Best Xbox One & PS4 Fallout 4 Mods

We have 150+ of the best Xbox One and PS4 Fallout 4 mods listed here. Here are a few that’ve stood out to us:

There are some amazing Fallout 4 mods for both platforms and this list will continue to grow in the weeks ahead so keep an eye out for regular updates.


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Let's start with one of our favorite PC Fallout 4 mods that quickly made it over to the long list of Fallout 4 mods for console.

keyNuker creates a key ring in your inventory that hides keys and passwords. With it installed, your MISC tab in on your Pip-Boy is going to be a lot more manageable, particularly if you're deep into the game with tons and tons of items listed. 

The screenshot here shows you what the vanilla MISC tab looks like compared to the MISC tab with keyNuker installed. It's night and day.

This is one of our favorite Fallout 4 mods and one that should consider if you're tired of wasting time scrolling through hundreds (many of them worthless) of items.

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