iPhone 6 Rumors Shift to Feature Enabling A8 Processor

Apple A8 rumors swirl.

The iPhone 6 is expected to arrive in 2014 with a faster and more powerful processor, that will likely carry the Apple A8 name and deliver 64-bit processing power that enables new iPhone 6 features. Apple currently uses the Apple A7 processor in the iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPad mini Retina marking the first […]

iPhone 6 to Come With Intel Inside?


The processor on the next iPhone could be manufactured by Intel. While the A7S or A8 processor or whatever Apple will name it will still be designed by the Cupertino, California iPhone-maker, the processor could potentially be manufactured and produced by Intel in a new agreement between Intel and ARM. According to a report on Forbes, Intel is […]

iPhone 6 Feature Rumored Well Ahead of Launch

The iPhone 6 could tap the Apple A8 processor for show-stopping features, and Samsung may play a limited role.

The Apple iPhone 6 could be a little more Apple and a little less Samsung according to the latest insider reports, possibly stemming from the growing competition between Apple and Samsung as well as a patent dispute which lingers on months after a verdict in Apple’s favor. Apple’s iPhone 5s release is still just a […]

Tesla Outselling Similarly Priced German Sedans

Tesla Model S

Tesla Motors’ Model S all-electric sedan is starting to become a bit of a sales sensation. In the past few weeks Tesla has announced the the Model S exceeded sales estimates. Then Tesla announced that they were the plug-in car sales leader in the United States, by beating the Chevrolet Volt in sales. Finally, Tesla then […]