Apple Charts iOS Fragmentation, Dares People to Look at Android’s

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Apple has published new usage share statistics for iPhone users, in affect begging developers creating applications to compare its platform with Google’s Android operating system. According to the pie chart and Apple, of all the users who visited the iTunes App Store, 93% of them were using Apple devices powered by Apple’s iOS 6 (the […]

Google Engineers Addressing Android Fragmentation


Google’s Android Team is still moving to address the operating system’s fragmentation issues, according to engineers who work on the operating system. That’s according to reports from CNET, who sat in during one of the company’s Fireside Chats during Google I/O 2013. According to David Burke, engineering director for the Android operating system, the company […]

Apple’s Phil Schiller Attacks Android Fragmentation

Apple senior vice president of worldwide marketing Philip Schiller introduces the new iPad mini during an Apple event in San Jose

In an interview with Reuters Apple vice president of marketing Phil Schiller took a few more shots at Android just ahead of the Galaxy S4 launch event. During the interview Schiller commented on fragmentation in Android. He said that based on rumors the Galaxy S4 may run year-old Android software that it will have to […]

Android Jelly Bean Hits Sweet Sixteen as Android 4.x Installs Rise


According to newly updated statistics, Android Jelly Bean now accounts for 16% of all of the devices shipping with Google’s mobile operating system. These statistics, brought to us courtesy of the Android Developer Dashboard, show the adoption rates of the latest two updates to Android, Android 4.1 and 4.2, are gaining steam. Their combined 16% […]

Android Market helps with Android version segmentation


Earlier this year, Chuong talked about Android fragmentation and how it could become a problem with Android becoming so popular. Unlike iOS and Windows Phone, Android devices are not held to a universal standard. Not only do we have different Android version, we have different CPUs, displays, and other varibles that can affect software compatibility.  Now […]

Android Fragmentation Visualized


This chart and link to this Business Insider and The Understatement articles by Michael DeGusta is circulating around the Interwebs today. It is certainly worth a look. (As is DeGusta’s post from either source.) Fragmentation has been such a big issue with Android for so long that it has almost become a cliché. Except for […]