How to Back Up and Restore your Windows 8 Files to a hard drive

how to sync Windows 8 settings to skydrive (1)

Though Windows 8 makes it easier to back up your settings using the SkyDrive cloud storage service, it actually doesn’t automatically back up the files on your computer. Instead, you’ll need to back up your files through other methods. Here’s how to back up and restore your Windows 8 files to a hard drive. Plug […]

Sync Your Windows 8 Files Automatically with SkyDrive

how to sync Windows 8 settings to skydrive (11)

Microsoft is attempting to revolutionize the way users think about Windows. With it, users are able to effortlessly sync their computer settings from computer to computer. This syncing includes everything from passwords to desktop backgrounds, all using SkyDrive. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t see fit to build in automatic SkyDrive syncing for files. That doesn’t mean that […]

How to Back Up a Windows Phone


While Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system might be the youngest of the major mobile operating systems, Microsoft has gone to great lengths to make backups available to Windows Phone users effortlessly. Unlike the backup systems of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, there is no physical backup method for Windows Phone. Instead, the operating system […]

RIM Announces BlackBerry Protect Now Available in Open Beta

BlackBerry Protect

Research in Motion’s BlackBerry Protect is a remote finder and wiper for misplaced, lost, or stolen BlackBerry smartphones that is similar to MobileMe’s Find My iPhone or other third-party security software solutions on the market today. Previously available only as a private beta, RIM is now opening BlackBerry Protect to users in North America and […]