How to Watch the BUILD 2013 Keynote


Just because you can’t be in San Francisco for Microsoft’s BUILD 2013 conference doesn’t mean you can’t feel like you’re there in person for all of the Windows 8.1, and developer festivities.  Microsoft will be offering all the video watchers at home will need to feel like they are actually there. Today’s keynote begins promptly […]

Microsoft BUILD 2013: What To Expect


When Microsoft first announced that it would scrap its MIX internet develop conference and hardware focused WINHEC conference to create BUILD, the stakes couldn’t have been lower. Having grown accustomed to the unceremonious nature of Microsoft press events and conferences, users of the company’s products could barely understand why the company would create a new […]

Microsoft Highlights Windows 8 Apps Ahead of BUILD 2013


In what could be interpreted as an effort to put its best developer-friendly foot forward for next week’s BUILD conference, Microsoft has announced the availability of a few high-profile applications in the Windows Store. The applications were announced by Microsoft’s Chief Evangelist for Windows, Steve Guggenheimer, on Blogging Windows. They are mostly entertainment focused and include […]