Why Clear for iPhone is My New To Do App

Clear to do list for iPhone

I switch to do apps more often than Kardashians switch husbands, but I think I have finally found a to do app that will last. Clear to do is a new to do app that brings a simple new user interface to your iPhone, offering gesture based controls and no buttons. While some may question […]

Sprint Could Light Up a 4G LTE Network by 2012


While Sprint is still determining its wireless strategy–the Now Network is partnering with Clearwire to use WiMax as its 4G platform–Sprint’s president of network operations and wholesale Steve Elfman says that the company could deploy a 4G network based on the competing LTE standard by 2012 and expand that to national coverage by 2013. The […]

Clearwire Done w/ Selling WiMax Direct to Users

Screen shot 2011-02-09 at 6.10.07 PM

Clearwire, the company building out an enourmous WiMax network in the U.S., is canning its retail strategy. The company will focus on selling its high speed mobile service on a wholesale basis, as it does to Sprint. Clear is strapped for cash, which is not the position you want to be in when you’re not […]

4G LTE Better Than Home Internet in Some Cases


I spoke with Avram Piltch from Laptop Mag by phone bout Google Chrome OS and a few other geeky things. He was extremely excited about some speed tests he recently completed and he just couldn’t get enough of Verizon’s LTE service. In his Manhattan apartment, Verizon LTE was not only faster than Sprint’s and T-mobile’s […]

4G: It’s specifically NOT where I want to be


So I’ve got a few short trips to various locations coming up this month and next, and I thought to myself “I should get one of those CLEAR Spots to test out their WiMAX 4G.” I’ll be mobile. I could use the connectivity. People are buzzing about 4G. Great idea, right? Too bad the map […]

Clear WiMax is Coming to San Francisco, New York in December


I ran across the Clear booth at Intel Developers Forum last week and learned a bit about the WiMax network’s plans for San Francisco. WiMax is one of those technologies that’s been ‘coming soon’ for way too long. Coverage is still sparse, even in some communities that have had it for a while, but word […]