Disable T-Mobile’s Annoying CRAPPS On The HTC One S


I mentioned in my review of the HTC One S that the phone is unduly burdened with a number of T-Mobile apps that are less than useful. (We call them CRAPPS.) There’s no way to remove pre-installed apps, but on the One S you can disable them. Disabling hides the app from Home screens and […]

Android Ice Cream Sandwich To End Carrier Bloatware

Android Bloatware End

Are you frustrated with the pitiful apps included with your Android smartphone when you bring it home from Verizon or AT&T? Too often we see great phones saddled with bloatware or as our own Sumocat calls it CRAPPS. These apps are limited trial versions or memory using apps that cannot be un-installed without rooting your […]

Coining a term: mobile crapware = CRAPPS


A topic that’s been bubbling up in my feeds lately is that of crapware on mobile phones. Previously, I questioned whether smartphones would grow into a breeding ground for these unnecessary applications. The answer thus far is not positive.