Onavo Count Brings Windows Phone 8’s Data Sense to iPhone


iPhone users who watched Microsoft’s unveiling of Windows Phone 8 may have noticed an enviable feature called Data Sense, which tracks cellular data usage by apps. Thanks to Onavo, data tracking introduced by Microsoft’s data sense can now be experienced on iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad. With mobile carriers Verizon Wireless and AT&T […]

Windows Phone 8 Fully Detailed on Video

Windows Phone 8 devices

Now that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 is ready to come to market, the company has to explain the new OS to users, and to do that Windows Phone manager Joe Belfiore has a rather lengthy video detailing the changes in Windows Phone 8. In the video, Belfiore walks through some of the features of Windows […]

Data Sense Keeps Data Use in Check on Windows Phone 8

Data Sense Windows Phone 8

Data Sense is a new tool built into Windows Phone 8 that helps users avoid going over data plan limits, that debuts on Verizon Wireless later this year. Microsoft bills the Data Sense feature as a way to “get the most out of your data plan.” The Data Sense system compresses every webpage out of […]