Find Your Ballot & Polls on iPhone & Android

Find who is on your ballot and where to vote using iPhone or Android.

You can easily see who is on the ballot for the 2014 elections and where you should go to vote on November 4th, 2014 using Google Now and the Google Search App. Today is the 2014 MidTerm Elections, when voters choose state governors, attorney generals, vote on whop will go to Washington and local issues […]

How to Watch 2012 Election Results Online, on the iPhone and Android

2012 Election Results Online

As polls close on November 6th, pundits and news teams will report the presidential election results and users can watch the 2012 election results online, on the iPhone and on Android. When the polls start to close on the East coast, citizens can tune in for live streaming of network coverage with analysis, whiteboards maps […]

How to Find a Sample Ballot For Elections 2012 on iPhone or Android

2102 election iPhone sample ballot

The 2012 Elections are here, and users looking for a sample ballot on their iPhone or Android devices are in luck. Many county election boards offer sample 2012 election ballots online as a PDF that users can download and study, or dedicated election apps that offer sample ballots and polling place lookup on the iPhone […]

Infinity Blade Developer Gets Political With “Vote!!!”

Vote!!! game for iOS

Chair Entertainment, the developer behind Infinity Blade has a new game with a political twist coming to the iPhone and iPad this week. According to Polygon, the developer’s new game “Vote!!!” will come to the iPhone & iPad App Store tomorrow for free and will let players control cartoon representations of President Barack Obama and […]