2014 Ford Escape Tech Simplifies the Everyday Experience


Technology is rapidly evolving in automobiles. Consumers demand more and more technology-driven features in all types of vehicles. Before, the advanced features were only available in luxury cars and trucks, but now features like Bluetooth and Siri Eyes Free are available in the smallest of cars. We recently had an opportunity to sample the 2014 […]

Mid-Range LG Escape Planned for AT&T’s 4G LTE Network


New images of LG’s forthcoming Escape Android smartphone has begun to surface. The device, which bears the model number LG P870, is said to be coming to AT&T’s 4G LTE network, though the phone has yet to be announced by either AT&T or LG at this time. The LG Escape will be a mid-range Android […]

Day 4 With Ford Escape Hybrid and SYNC

Day 4 with the Ford Escape found me taking my son to a doctor appt. Trying to plan ahead, I stored the doctor’s contact info on my phone so it would be immediately available to me on the SYNC. I had hoped to use that address book info as part of the GPS navigation, but […]