iPhone 5S Photos Show New Feature Up Close

This is the gold iPhone 5S.

Ahead of the iPhone 5S release date we’re getting an up close and personal glimpse at one of the device’s features as high-quality photos of the gold iPhone 5S have emerge ahead of the device’s rumored September 10th launch. For weeks now, iPhone 5S rumors have waged on, suggesting an iPhone 5 replacement that keeps […]

A $100,000 iPhone 5 for Those with Deep Pockets

This solid gold iPhone 5 can be yours for only $75,000.

Goldgenie, the company behind the $2200 Samsung Galaxy S4, is back with another expensive version of a popular smartphone, this time an Apple iPhone 5 sporting both gold and diamonds with a price tag that only a select few will be able to afford. Earlier this year, Goldgenie, a company that specializes in high-end versions […]