Apple Leads the Tech Pack in Earth Day PR


Earth Day 2014 is here and with it are activities and promotions to highlight the benefits and necessity of doing what we can to protect the planet we live on. Communities and companies around the globe are making special efforts to help clean up our environment and bring focus to efforts we and they can […]

iPad helping folks go paperless (but other devices can help too)


Environmentally-aware blog GreenerComputing has reported on a couple of companies saving trees and money by using iPads for printed material instead of paper. While the environmental savings can be debated, the monetary savings appear substantial. Sounds good, but I also see the iPad is stealing yet another device’s thunder.

Tired of Cord Spaghetti…I Want My Green Plug


Every device I buy seems to comes with way too many cords, many of which are incompatible with any other device I own. Today I was looking for a power cable for my Logitech Air Mouse , which I haven’t used for a long time, and had to comb through a giant ball of cords […]

Local University Goes Green With Apple


 Shenandoah University, the local university where I live, has been working towards pushing the technology envelope in the last few years, just has many others have been. It’s not news that universities and colleges offer and often require incoming students to purchase devices like Tablet PCs, notebooks, iPods, and other devices. I say purchase because […]

GigaOm: Why Netbooks are Greener Than Laptops


Everybody is getting green conscious and trying to reduce carbon footprints in their journey through life these days. Celeste LeCompte of GigaOm is taking a look at Netbooks and why they are greener than laptops. He calls the Netbook approach to resource efficient   computing a ‘take only what you need’ approach to computing with […]