Destiny Beta Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features

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The Destiny Beta is finally here and if you want to take full advantage of the short beta period you’ll want to make use of these Destiny Beta tips, tricks and hidden features to get the most out of the game. With a limited Destiny beta time frame, we are sharing the Destiny Beta tips […]

How to Enable Developer Options on the Samsung Galaxy S5


The brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 is packed full of advanced features, controls, fingerprint sensors for security and more but there’s a few more options that Google chooses to hide from the average user. Developers and enthusiasts looking to control additional aspects of their device, change settings, or enable USB debugging for advanced functions will […]

41 Siri Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features

Do more with your iPhone or iPad using Siri.

Siri is a big part of iOS 7, but many iPhone and iPad owners don’t know everything that the personal assistant is capable of. After using Siri for a few year’s we discovered a collection of hidden Siri features as well as a number of Siri tips and tricks that only come to light when […]

Hidden iOS 7 Features Reveal New Gestures

Hidden iOS 7 features include multitasking gestures and nested folders.

The iOS 7 beta is only a week old and already users are discovering hidden features and settings menus in iOS 7 that show off some features Apple was testing and could possibly bring to a future iOS 7 beta or iOS 7 release. iOS 7 is already available as a beta to iPhone developers, […]

25 Samsung Galaxy S4 Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features

Samsung Galaxy S4 Hidden Features

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is host to a number of hidden features that unlock the full potential of the device. These Galaxy S5 tips and tricks can help you do more without upgrading to the Galaxy S5. Many of the best Galaxy S4 features are hidden deep in menus and behind settings that even experienced […]

How to Install Facebook for iPad on Your Jailbroken Tablet

facebook for ipad

We told you yesterday about how the Facebook for iPad app was leaked via hidden code inside the Facebook for iPhone app. Today (as the folks at iDownloadBlog tell us) anyone with a jailbroken iPad can transform the Facebook for iPhone app into the unreleased iPad version. There was a previous (more complicated method) that […]