Behold! The (Original) HP Slate on The Big Bang Theory


If you didn’t catch The Big Bang Theory last night (and your DVR missed it because Chuck ran two hours), you missed out on seeing Dr. Sheldon Cooper, PhD use an HP TC1000 series Tablet PC to help the guys shoot a laser at the moon. But not to worry, we got you covered. Oh, […]

How I use a Tablet PC


Xavier mentioned in my intro that I am lucky enough to have access to all kinds of Tablet PCs on a daily basis. And I do enjoy getting to try out so many different Tablets. When Xavier asked me to write about how I use a Tablet PC, I have to admit that I had […]

The “other” HP Slate specs


The specs for HP’s upcoming slate have leaked, and not surprisingly, HP is weighing their new slate against the iPad. But as far as I’m concerned, the slate they should be weighing it against is their old slate, the TC1100.

HP CTO explains why they didn’t release a slate earlier


Warner grabbed some choice quotes earlier from Fortune’s look at tablets. But one that really grabbed me was from HP chief technology officer Phil McKinney responding to questions about their reaction to iPad and why they didn’t release a slate before Apple.

CES 2010: Why I might get kicked out


So supposedly Microsoft and HP will be unveiling a new slate tablet at Steve Ballmer’s keynote. Yes, after years of ignoring the calls to revive the TC1x00 Tablet PC line, specifically the venerable slate TC1100, now everyone is excited about HP making a slate tablet. If it is a revival of the TC1100, great. But […]

CNN Knows What’s Cool in Mobility


Several nights ago while I was watching CNN   night gloat over all their inauguration coverage, I saw this image of an HP TC11100 Tablet PC. CNN certainly knows how to communicate mobility and cool… In addition to the TC1100, over the past month or so, I’ve also seen the Dell Latitude XT2 tablet pc […]