New iPad 2 Offers 15-30% Greater Battery Life

iPad 2

Believe it or not, there is a new Apple iPad 2 floating around that has a smaller 32-nm die shrink of the device’s A5 processor. And after some testing, it appears that these newer iPad 2 models actually boast 15-30% greater battery life over the older models that are in circulation. These new iPad 2’s, […]

The new iPad Continues Charging at 100% Battery

new iPad

The battery percentage Apple puts next to the battery icon on the iPad and iPhone is great, but it’s just a bit off on the new iPad. When charging the new iPad, 100 percent doesn’t mean the battery is fully charged, it actually needs a bit more power. The iPad actually continues to charge its […]

How Apple Measures iPad Battery Life to Deliver on 10-Hour Promise

ipad battery

The battery life ratings on most gadgets are artificially high, but year after year the iPad has lived up to the battery life claims made by Apple. Some would say that the 10 hour battery life of the iPad WiFi model is lower than in life. In order to keep that 10 hour battery life […]

Survey Shows Potential iPad 3 Buyers Want Better Battery Life

Survey shows users want better battery in iPad 3

In two days Tim Cook will take the stage to announce the iPad 3 or iPad HD, the Apple tablet we’ve anticipated for quite a while. Leading up to the announcement PriceGrabber surveyed 1,829 of its users to find out what features they want in the iPad 3. You might be surprised to find out […]