iPhone 5s Keyboard Cases Could be BlackBerry Users’ Saviour

Use an iPhone 5s keyboard case or iPhone 5 keyboard case to ease the switch from BlackBerry.

With BlackBerry in trouble and going private many companies and users may soon be switching from BlackBerry to the iPhone 5s and it will be a big transition for users who love the physical keyboard on many BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry devices are as known for their much-loved keyboards as Apple is known for aluminum gadget […]

New iPhone 5 Case Adds Ultra-Thin Controller and Keyboard

iPhone 5 EX Hyrbid Controller

9To5Mac has the details on a new iPhone 5 case from iPhone5mod that adds a super thin keyboard and game controller to Apple’s latest smartphone. The new case, dubbed the EX Hybrid Controller for iPhone 5,┬áis a snap-on case with two thin magnetic attachments. The attachments are both just 2mm thick, making the X Hybrid […]

Best iPhone 5 Cases

Kensignton iPhone 5 Case Aluminum

iPhone 5 cases are now widely available from some of the top case makers and companies. Some of our favorite iPhone cases are still on the way, like a LIfeProof iPhone 5 case or a Mophie iPhone 5 battery case, but there is a wide selection of great iPhone 5 cases users can buy now. […]