iPhone 5S Release News You Don’t Want To Hear

The iPhone 5s release date will likely come with disappointment and shortages.

The iPhone 5S release date is set for September 20th, and Apple is skipping iPhone 5s pre-orders, which has plenty of iPhone buyers asking when and where they can buy a new iPhone without waiting in line and being disappointed. The good news is that we finally know when Apple will take iPhone 5s orders […]

iPhone 5S Release Date Confirmed with iPhone 5C for Sept 20th

Apple announced the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S release date at the end of an event today in California.

The iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S release date is confirmed for September 20th. Apple will start to take iPhone 5C pre-orders on September 13th, so users can go online and reserve the iPhone 5C for $99 or $199 on contract. The iPhone 5S is not available for pre-order but users can order online or in […]

iPhone 5C & iPhone 5S Release Date Confirmed for Sept 20 in U.S.

The iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S release date is set for September 20th according to multiple sources who shared details regarding Apple’s plans for the new iPhone launch. Apple is hosting an iPhone and iOS 7 event on Tuesday September 10th at the company’s headquarters in California where we will see Apple announce the two […]

iPhone 5S Release Date Pegged for September 20th by T-Mobile Leak

The iPhone 5S should look similar to the iPhone 5.

Rumors of an iPhone 5S release date on September 20th continue to gain steam as a leak from inside T-Mobile claims the company is blacking out vacation days starting on September 20th. Apple is reportedly planning an iPhone 5S event for September 10th where we should find out about the latest iPhone 5S features and […]

iPhone 5S Release Date Before September 28th Tipped By Apple

The iPhone 5S release date could land on September 20th or a similar date thanks to Apple earnings guidance.

The iPhone 5S release date could come before September 28th according to an analysis of data Apple released late Tuesday. Apple is not talking about the iPhone 5S or other products specifically, but Tim Cook continued to talk about the,”amazing new products that we will introduce in the fall and across 2014.” in the latest […]

iPhone 5S Release and iOS 7 Pegged for July

iPhone 5S render

Apple will announce the iPhone 5S in June, with an iPhone 5S release date in July according to an analyst with a respected track record. Ming-Chi Kuo’s latest investor notes, shared by MacRumors, predicts that Apple is planning to bring the iPhone 5S to market faster to avoid losing market share to competitors like the […]

iPhone 5S Release Date Rumored for August with Dual LED Flash

Apple could stack a dual-LED flash with a slightly larger flash next to on the back of the iPhone 5S.

The iPhone 5S release date rumors continue to hint at a summer or late summer release, and new details suggest the iPhone 5S will feature a dual-LED flash to go along with an upgraded camera. We believe the iPhone 5S, not the iPhone 6, will be the next iPhone from Apple, with a host of small […]

iPhone 5S Release Date & Rumor Roundup


The iPhone 5S rumors started late last year and as we roll into 2013, the iPhone 5S rumors are picking up steam and beginning to agree on release date timing, features and what the iPhone 5S will look like. All of these iPhone 5S rumors help paint a picture of what Apple is planning for the iPhone 5S […]

iPhone 5S: Dissecting the Best and the Worst of Recent Rumors

iPhone 5S colors like iPod Touch 2013

iPhone 5S rumors are back in the spotlight this week as an analyst claims the iPhone 5S release is on for June and that the next iPhone is a completely redesigned device with new features like a Retina+ display and up to 128GB of storage. The iPhone 5S is the name currently given to the next iPhone, which Apple […]