Are iPads Harming Early Childhood Development of Motor Skills?

Photo from Circles in the Sand

File this under the category of everything good can also bring with it something bad. Tablets continue to proliferate and find there ways into households across the globe. For many that’s a positive outcome. We follow stories of young children being able to use iPads and other Tablets with glee, sometimes amazement, and increasingly with […]

How to Set Up iPad Parental Controls and Content Filtering

About two-thirds of parents with a mobile device engage in “pass-back” behavior — handing a phone or tablet to your child so they can play games, read books, and engage in other activities. The iPad is a particularly popular pass-back device because the screen is large enough for comfortable video viewing and games are even […]

5 Kid-Friendly iPad Alternatives For Ages 4 – 13 And Up

Ever since it first came out the iPad has proved popular with kids as well as adults. There are hundreds, if not thousands of apps aimed at kids as young as 6 months old. However, the iPad is not a toy. Anyone who’s let their small child near an iPad or any other piece of […]

Touch, Children, and What We Adults Can’t Grasp


Back in the days of the original Tablet PC (yeah, that seems so long ago) just about everyone who had experienced what Tablet PCs offered could be heard (or read) saying that to see the real future of these devices all you had to do was put one in the hands of a child. When […]