Google Confirms Anti Theft Feature in New Android Update


Lately Google has been addressing many key areas regarding security on our Android smartphones and tablets, and the next version of Android will introduce the biggest feature yet. The Android Device Manager lets you track and wipe lost or stolen Android devices, but a new “kill switch” is coming to deter theft once and for […]

Cell Phone Makers and Carriers Agree on Anti-Theft Measures


The theft of smartphones is obviously still big business. It has been since smartphones became a thing. Thieves can steal them and resell them quickly enough to make it a lucrative racket, although certain companies have taken steps to a least put obstacles in the paths of those who covet your smartphone. But coming up […]

What’s the Deal with a Proposed US Cellphone Kill Switch?


On Friday California legislators upped the ante in their battle with carriers by introducing legislation requiring smartphones sold in that state to come with a kill switch installed. The idea behind the new proposed legislation is to help deter smartphone theft. The kill switch would render a phone inoperable if it were stolen. The legislation […]

Carrier Politics Keep Samsung Phones at High Risk for Theft


Despite the best efforts of lawmakers in San Francisco and New York to get a “kill switch” implemented on smartphones to help reduce and curb the theft of high-end smartphones, politics from the carriers are preventing such an effort from happening for Samsung. A kill switch would make it hard, if not impossible, to restore, […]

Planned Samsung, LG Kill Switch May Help Deter Smartphone Thefts


Following Apple’s Activation Lock feature that is debuting in iOS 7 this fall, rivals LG and Samsung are planning a smartphone kill switch that would make it hard for smartphone thieves to activate and use stolen phones. By making this difficult, tech companies are hoping that thefts of mobile phone would be less appealing–if the […]