Livescribe 3 Smart Pen Review


The Livescribe smart pen allows users to combine the analog with digital to more effectively capture handwritten notes and drawings, something that could be difficult on a smartphone. We’ve seen various attempts in the past from different companies to allow a similar paradigm, including Evernote, which allows users to ‘scan’ in their Moleskin journals using […]

Galaxy Note Killer App (Of My Dreams): Livescribe Smartpen

Galaxy Note 10.1

Apropos to the official announcement of the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, Samsung also released the new version of their S Pen SDK (Software Development Kit). This includes new tools for people who want to develop apps that work with the S Pen. There are several new functions devs can take advantage of, but this one […]

Evernote Picks Up More Funding Still Adding Features


Evernote has been continually on the move forward. They keep adding features, updates, you name it, and as the do the software becomes more and more indispensable to my kit. Word is out that Evernote recently picked up another round of funding, this time $20 million from Sequoia Capital. CEO Phil Libin says about the […]

Pulse Smartpen Gets More Memory, Wider Availability

Livescribe is now offering a 4GB version of the Pulse Smartpen that is capable of recording up to 400 hours of audio. The company also announced today that Best Buy, Staples and Apple will be carrying the Pulse Smartpen this holiday season. The Pulse Smartpen was Warner’s favorite gadget at CES 2009. As you can […]

Livescribe and Vision Objects Partner Up to Bring Handwriting Reco to the Mac

Are you a Mac user who has been longing to use a Pulse Smartpen to take handwritten notes and then have them transcribed? Today, Livescribe and Vision Objects announced MyScript for Livescribe. MySript for Livscribe is available as a 30 day trial and can be purchased for $29.95. More details here. Livescribe Inc. ( and […]

Livescribe Intros Pencasts

Livescribe officially introduced a Pulse smartpen feature called “pencasts” today. Pencasts are flash videos of handwritten notes and audio captured   by the Pulse smartpen users. Livescribe provides each Pulse smartpen user 250MB of free online storage to share pencasts online, including within Facebook.

Headed to College This Fall? Livescribe Wants To Know Where

Livescribe Pulse Smartpen

If you are headed off to college this fall, then you will no doubt be taking a TON of notes. If a Tablet PC isn’t your cup of tea, then be sure to take a look at Livescribe‘s Pulse Smartpen, which will record your ink and audio notes. To learn more, head over to Livescribe’s […]

Livescribe Raises Millions to Expand, Open Application Store


Livescribe Inc., makes of the Pulse Smartpen announced that it’s raised $18.6 million in funding so far this year. The company plans on opening an online application store, emphasizing mobile professional needs and expanding its footprint both in the U.S. and overseas. The Llivescribe Pulse Smartpen is an almost magical device that Warner Crocker couldn’t […]

You Can’t Be Mobile Without Connectivity

I just returned yesterday from auditioning at the UPTA Conference in Memphis. It was a whirlwind of work as we saw over 800 actors in four days in hopes we can hire some of them for our next season at Wayside Theatre. Normally we have good luck with connectivity there but this year was a […]

Livescribe Secures $10 Million In Funding

Considering the economic times we find ourselves in, the following funding news is indeed good news for Livescribe. It is also good to see them talk about opening an application store later this year. I’m looking forward to hearing from Warner on how his digital note-taking experiment is going with the Livescribe notebook. Livescribe Inc. […]

CES 2009: Rob’s Thoughts on the Show


It has been widely reported that attendance at CES 2009 was down. While it was much easier to walk around the halls without feeling like you were stuck in a New Your subway, we stayed busier than ever just trying to keep up with everything. There were definitely good products to see and great folks […]

CES 2009: Wrapping up the Smoke and Mirrors


Bang! Zoom! Fireworks! Trumpets blaring! Smoke! Flashing Lights! We bring you magic and excitement but we probably aren’t going to deliver it for awhile yet. We just want you to get really excited, write about it, and maybe, just maybe the economy will turn around sometime in the next few years and we’ll be able […]

LiveScribe Now Mac Compatible, Public Beta Announced

Mac note-takers now rejoice. LiveScribe’s pen and software are now Mac compatible, and they are inviting Mac-users to paricipate in a public beta for free. The official version will be releaed in Q1 2009. In addition to being Mac-compatible, LiveScribe also introduced new features, just for the Windows crowd, that allow users to print their […]