Is Digital Ink Making a Comeback?


*+-There are signs that Digital Ink might be making a comeback of sorts. Of course for some of us it never really faded away. For all of Microsoft’s efforts, and the efforts of quite a few passionate Tableteers in the original age of Tablet PCs, Digital Inking never really caught on except for those of […]

R.I.P. Loren Heiny


*+-The Tablet PC and mobile community and many others share a common grief today with the news that Loren Heiny has passed away. Loren was a developer and early and vocal advocate of Tablet PCs. He, and his entire family, including his sister Lora and his brother Layne, were tireless in their support and their […]

What’s In A Name? Loren Heiny Wonders


*+-Loren Heiny is wondering what Tablet PCs would be called if they were released today. NetTablet? NetWriter? Hmm? I’m not sure, nor am I sure if it would make any difference. Remember for awhile it seemed that Netbooks were called just about anything from Mini-Notebooks to UMPCs and that created some confusion, at least in […]

Loren Heiny: The Tablet PC HAS Been a Thought Leader

*+-What was I saying about Loren Heiny being on a tear and blogging up a storm about Tablet PCs, MIDs, and other mobile devices? He’s not just on a tear, he’s on a roll. Check out his latest, The Tablet PC HAS Been a Thought Leader and see what you think.