Google to Take On iPhone 5C With Low Cost Moto X Lite


Could a Moto X Lite be coming? Google executives hinted that much at Motorola’s unveiling of the Moto X yesterday, promising that more products will be coming to the Moto X family, including a low cost option. Though the Moto X has more mid-range specs, the device’s pricing in the U.S., when paired with a […]

Pegatron: “Cheap iPhone” Will Still Be Expensively Priced


Alleviating some investor concerns, Pegatron CEO told shareholders that Apple’s highly anticipated cheap iPhone, which is slated to arrive this fall, will still not be priced as inexpensively as some of the Android handsets on the market today. In a report by China Times, the Pegatron CEO noted that while the model will be less expensive […]