3 iPhone & Android Gaming Controllers for a Better Experience

madcatz lynx 3

Just a few years ago, the idea that an iPhone or any smartphone could replace a mobile gaming device was ludicrous. Back then, smartphones makers were still struggling to understand what types of hardware people wanted when placing calls or browsing sites on the internet. Smartphone games were an afterthought, a tiny part of an […]

In iOS 7 Controller Pricing Wars Users Win (Update)

The Logitech PowerShell is now $69.99.

Users of devices running Apple’s iOS 7 operating system, like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, didn’t have first-party gaming controllers to choose from this time last year. Now they have at least three iOS 7 controllers that support the features that Apple implemented with their last system update, and it appears both the SteelSeries […]

Moga Ace Power iPhone Controller Official, Priced at $99


After being leaked out late last month, the Moga Ace Power is finally now official and will be available at retail stores shortly. The controller is pretty much identical to what we saw last month, with just a few minor changes. The Ace Power resembles an Xbox controller with its XYAB button layout and the […]

Moga’s Hero Power and Pro Power Android Controllers Now Available

moga pro power

The wait is finally over for Android users who have been in search of  a way to play their favorite Android games with all the physical controllers they would expect from a dedicated gaming console. Moga’s Hero Power and Pro Power controllers are now officially available from the company’s retail site. The first of the […]

New Video of MOGA Ace Power iOS 7 Controller Surfaces

Screenshot (137)

We could be just days away from the official unveiling of the MOGA Ace Power controller for the iPhone 5s and other iPhones running Apple’s iOS 7 operating system. At least, that’s if the video leak and rumors that surfaced this weekend are an accurate indication of MOGA’s launch plans. Thanks to leaked specifications provided […]

Moga iPhone Gamepad Leak Reveals Xbox 360 Controller Similarities (Update)


Another iPhone controller has been leaked, and this time around it’s made by mobile gaming accessories maker Moga, who is best known for its Android gaming accessories mostly. However, according to mobile insider evleaks, Moga is planning to release a controller for the iPhone. According to the leak, the device will be called the Moga […]

New Battery-Equipped MOGA Hero Power Controllers Up for Pre-Order

MOGA's Pro Power controller includes a built-in battery.

The new MOGA Hero Power and MOGA Pro Power controllers, two devices which should bring the user experience of gaming on Android devices even closer to that of a full-fledged mobile gaming consoles, are now available for pre-order on Amazon. The first one, dubbed the MOGA Hero Power allows users to snap their Android device […]

New Moga Controller Brings Pro Controls to Android

Moga Pro controller

PowerA’s new Moga Pro Controller is now available online, bring pro controls to Android smartphones and tablets in the U.S. Like the first Moga controller, the new Moga Pro Controller connects to any Android smartphone with Bluetooth that runs Android 2.3 or above. Unlike the first Moga, the Moga Pro Controller uses a design that’s […]

MOGA Controller Makes Android Gaming Easier

MOGA Android controller

The new MOGA controller aims to make gaming on Android device better by adding joysticks and buttons, and it already has big supporters like Gameloft. Like most Android or iPhone controllers the MOGA is a Bluetooth device with a clasp to hold mobile devices in place. Smaller controllers like the 8 Bitty tend to lack […]