Mobile Means Money for Apple: Highest Market Cap of U.S. Companies

Apple Market Cap Chart

*+-Today Apple pulled ahead of Exxon Mobil, the large oil company, to become the U.S. company with the highest market cap. In short, while the economy is taking a nosedive, Apple is the U.S. company with the most money invested in it. The poor performance of Exxon Mobil is the reason Apple jumped ahead today, but it’s […]

Apple Stock Down On News of iCloud, Lack of iPhone 5 Announcement (AAPL)

Apple Stock WWDC 2011

*+-Right after Steve Jobs introduced iCloud, iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion at WWDC 2011, Apple’s stock prices reacted to the new services and the lack of an impressive , “One more thing,” namely no iPhone 5, by dropping 4.57% or $5.40 by 4:30 pm. Also dropping alongside new cloud competition was Google (GOOG) […]

Has Anyone Heard of Windows Phone 7?

Screen shot 2010-11-30 at 8.19.36 AM

*+-Microsoft’s spending hundreds of millions of dollars promoting Windows Phone 7 this holiday season, but in my personal experience nobody’s heard of the platform. I’m not talking about geeks and people that read sites like GottaBeMobile, I’m talking about normal consumers that buy some technology every once in a while. I saw dozens of family […]

Microsoft Sells 1 Million Kinect Sensors in 10 Days, Can Still Hit Home Runs


*+-Microsoft announced that it has sold more than one million Kinect sensors in the 10 days since it launched Kinect, a motion sensor for its popular gaming console. That’s a resounding success by any measure, especially considering the fact that the XBOX market is pretty darn saturated and the stand alone version of the controller […]

No, This is Steve Ballmer Looking Like an Idiot :-)

Screen shot 2010-10-01 at 10.50.21 AM

*+-I just got an email from one of our college-aged readers, calling out me and the GBM staff for making the Microsoft chief look stupid. He was apparently distraught that we’d dare put a picture of Steve Ballmer on the home page with his tongue hanging out. Kids these days….I guess they’re just too young […]

Microsoft KIN Sales Beyond Terrible


*+-The Microsoft KIN is a flop by any measure, but there are some numbers floating around that are beyond embarrassing to Microsoft. According to an anonymous Microsoft source quoted at Daring Fireball, Verizon has sold a grand total of 503 KINs. Pocketnow is disputing that three-digit number and pointing to the fact that there are about 8,803 […]