My Xbox Live Now Lets the iPad Control Xbox 360

My Xbox Live

In its last update to the My Xbox Live iOS app Microsoft let iPhone users control their Xbox 360 from their phones. Now the app brings the same functionality to the iPad. With the latest version of My Xbox Live for iOS iPad users can use their tablet of choice to control their Xbox 360 […]

My Xbox Live Update Lets The iPhone Control the Xbox 360

My Xbox LIVE

Last year Microsoft released the My Xbox Live app for iOS which let iPhone and iPad users view their Xbox Live friends, messages, and content from their phone or tablet of choice. Today the iPhone app gets a major update and Android users finally get a version of the app. The new My Xbox Live […]

Microsoft Launches Official Xbox LIVE App for iOS

Xbox Live iOS App

Microsoft has announced that it has launched an official Xbox LIVE application for iOS devices which is a free application that allows those that use Xbox LIVE to better communicate with each other amongst other things. The application is free and it’s available right now on the iTunes App Store for those that are currently […]