Liquid Cooling Coming to Smartphones to Keep Pockets Cool


Liquid cooling is typically found on bigger rigs, like your car radiator and inside gaming PCs to keep those hot engines cool. Given the increasing power of mobile processors–which means that more heat would be generated–Japanese phone-maker NEC is looking to cool down the hot swelters with liquid cooling. Liquid cooling will be coming to […]

NEC Releases Android Smartbook: TouchNote 7


In addition to tablets, and hybrid form factors such as the Motorola Atrix 4G smartphone with its optional laptop dock, users who need a lightweight content consumption netbook can turn to NEC, which was showing off its Android smartbook in the form of the NEC TouchNote, a 7-inch clamshell device with a nearly full-sized keyboard, […]

NEC LT-W Dual Screen Android Tablet at CES 2011 (video)


NEC had a prototype of the LT-W on hand in Las Vegas at an event last night. The device is comprised of a pair of 7″ resistive-touch displays and runs on Android. The mobile OS has been customized to work with the dual display setup. On the back of the left display is a 3MP […]

NEC working on a Tablet PC

nec_mobile_pc (subscription required) is reporting that NEC has a slate-style tablet in the works aimed at business users that is supposedly as “capable as a personal computer”. According to Crunchgear, their Tablet PC will features a 7 to 8-inch LCD display and quick booting and access to the cloud. Plan is to sell 100-200k annually […]

A reader question: What happened to the NEC Versalite Tablet PC?

We received this email from a GottaBeMobile reader named Doug today: ““I’ve been using the NEC ultra  slate tablet, now about two years old, and love it for its 2 lb weight. I have long been surprised at the lack of press it got, and that NEC finally killed it. Any thoughts on why it […]